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About Us

Chopnotch has been developing and publishing easy dessert recipes since 2018.

We're also a family-owned kitchenware brand located in Connecticut that makes a premium stainless steel measuring set for bakers!

Dessert Recipes

We publish a new dessert recipe on our blog every Monday and Thursday. We focus on desserts that are both super delicious and easy to make. This ensures the vast majority of our readers get the most from our recipes.

Regardless of how much experience you have behind a mixer, our easy dessert recipes will set you up for success!

Each recipe comes complete with photos, accurate prep and cook times, number of servings, a full list of ingredients, answers to common questions, tips for success, and easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions to get you from scratch to the finished dish in a breeze.

If you can read, then you can bake our amazing desserts. Promise!  


We have a highly engaged community of more than 54,000 friendly bakers in our Facebook group, Let's Bake Something Great.

From talented bakers with decades of experience to total newbies who are just starting out, everyone is welcomed and shares the common passion of helping each other succeed in baking delicious desserts at home. 

If you're not already a member of our community, you should definitely check it out! Zero spam, no promotions. Just a ton of friendly people who genuinely love to bake and help each other. Not to mention the never-ending supply of recipes and mouth-watering dessert photos!

Find our group here: Let's Bake Something Great 

Premium Kitchenware

It's always been frustrating to be let down by the poor selection of quality baking tools available at your common grocery and home goods stores, which is why we decided to start making our own under the Chopnotch brand.

We started with a measuring set because so many of us were sick of the cheap plastic sets that break easily, don't have all the sizes you need, and far too many other shortcomings to list here. So, we took all the features we know bakers want and expect from a measuring set and rolled them into our first product, a complete set of premium stainless steel measuring cups and spoons.

The response has been amazing. We've sold thousands of sets! But most importantly, the product is satisfying the needs of everyday bakers like you and me. This is what keeps our drive going.

We are very proud and grateful for the more than 750 reviews with an average 4.8/5-star rating on Amazon. It's exciting to help so many fellow bakers!

Small Hometown Feel

Our goal is not to become the next major kitchenware company. The vision at Chopnotch is very simple. Remain closely connected with bakers and home cooks. Provide as much value to them as we possibly can, through our recipes and making premium kitchenware. Keep our small hometown touch and be the heart of your kitchen.