White chocolate fudge with a bite taken out of it.

White Chocolate Fudge

White chocolate fudge is so simple to make at home and you only need 4 ingredients to make this sweet and delicious candy.

Several cream horns laying on parchment paper.

Cream Horns

With only 5 ingredients you can make bakery-quality cream horns boasting crumbly pastry and a sweet vanilla cream filling.

A Snickers brownie up close with a bite taken out of it.

Snickers Brownies

Box chocolate cake is the basis of these amazing Snickers brownies which also feature caramel and a rich chocolate ganache on top.

An overhead shot of peach crisp topped with ice cream.

Peach Crisp with Canned Peaches

With just 7 ingredients you can rustle up this peach crisp with canned peaches. This sweet, juicy dessert boasts a cinnamon oat topping.

A pistachio muffin sliced in half looking at the inside.

Pistachio Muffins

This recipe for pistachio muffins is delightfully simple and the resulting muffins boast so much wonderful flavor.

A slice of red velvet Oreo cheesecake being served.

Red Velvet Oreo Cheesecake

You can't beat this red velvet Oreo cheesecake recipe if you want to make a special occasion dessert that everyone will love!

Brownies with strawberries cut and ready to serve.

Brownies with Strawberries

Brownies with strawberries boast the flavors of strawberries and vanilla along with chocolate for a rich and well-rounded dessert.

A pile of matcha cookies on a white plate.

Matcha Cookies

This recipe for matcha cookies offers an exciting twist on sugar cookies, boasting rich flavors of matcha green tea and vanilla.

A dirt cup made with chocolate pudding and crushed Oreos.

Dirt Cups

It doesn't have to be Halloween to make easy, 5-ingredient dirt cups. Kids love the rich chocolate flavor and fun gummy worms.

Cinnamon streusel muffins on a stand.

Cinnamon Streusel Muffins

Easy cinnamon streusel muffins are one of the best treats to make during the winter. They are moist and tasty, boasting vanilla and cinnamon.

A close up of homemade cotton candy ice cream.

Cotton Candy Ice Cream

Cotton candy ice cream is colorful, delicious, and easy to make. With just 4 ingredients you can make this unique crowd-pleasing dessert.

An overhead shot of breakfast Bundt cake.

Breakfast Bundt Cake

Cinnamon, brown sugar, and vanilla are just some of the wonderful flavors in this light, moist breakfast Bundt cake.

A pile of 2 ingredient fudge squares on a white plate.

2 Ingredient Fudge

This easy 2 ingredient fudge recipe is a keeper! With just sweetened condensed milk and chocolate chips, you can make gorgeous homemade fudge.

Cookies and cream bars up close.

Cookies and Cream Bars

This recipe for cookies and cream bars is really easy. The finished bars taste of Oreos with hints of creamy chocolate and tangy cream cheese.

Finished apple cider cupcakes on a table.

Apple Cider Cupcakes

Apple cider cupcakes combine the unmistakable flavor of apple with earthy, warm cinnamon and a rich vanilla buttercream frosting.

Frozen cream puffs up close.

Frozen Cream Puffs

Homemade pastry encloses a milk chocolate and vanilla cream filling to make these frozen cream puffs. This is such a tasty dessert.

A slice of 3 ingredient cheesecake on a white plate.

3 Ingredient Cheesecake

Did you know you could make an exquisite cheesecake using 3 ingredients only? This 3 ingredient cheesecake is simple to make and so good!

Peach cobbler with cake mix in a baking dish.

Peach Cobbler with Cake Mix

You just can't go wrong with this 3-ingredient peach cobbler with cake mix. This is the easiest cobbler recipe ever.

Three raspberry white chocolate scones in a stack.

Raspberry White Chocolate Scones

You are going to love the crumbly appeal of these raspberry white chocolate scones with fresh berries, enhanced with almond and vanilla hints.