Stainless Steel Measuring Cups and Spoons Set of 13

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If you're looking for a quality set of measuring cups and spoons that is more than just an average kitchen supply, the Chopnotch set is perfect. They have been designed with extra attention to detail, assuring that they're as aesthetically pleasing as they are functional.

This high-quality stainless steel set is backed by a lifetime warranty and the permanently engraved measurements won't ever fade or wash off with use. Hand them down from one generation to the next!

You can also have peace of mind knowing they are BPA-free, safe for your family, and food grade. The measuring set is highly functional, complete with every size you'll need to ensure accuracy every time. Perfect for any aspiring chef, as well as any seasoned cook that wants a quality set they can count on.

What's Included

The set comes complete with everything you need to accurately measure dry or liquid ingredients including hard-to-find sizes that aren't common in basic sets.

  • 7 measuring cups: 1 cup, ¾ cup, ⅔ cup, ½ cup, ⅓ cup, ¼ cup, and ⅛ cup.
  • 6 measuring spoons: 1 tbsp, 1 tsp, ¾ tsp, ½ tsp, ¼ tsp, and ⅛ tsp.
  • 2 storage ring clips: Keeps everything attached together. Hang them from a utensil rack or inside your cupboard.
  • Beautifully designed gift box: Carefully packaged in a high-quality gift box. Give the perfect housewarming or wedding gift.

A Premium Measuring Set

We've included premium features that make this set stand out from most others on the market. Here are some of the highlights:

  • High-quality stainless steel that lasts. Have peace of mind knowing you're cooking with BPA-free, food-grade metal that is safe for your family and friends.
  • Engraved measurements are permanently stamped into the measuring cups and spoons. The easy-to-read measurements will never wash off or fade away.
  • Space-saving features like nesting cups and stackable spoons let you easily fit the entire set in your kitchen drawer. Ring clips hold them together neatly.
  • Dishwasher-safe stainless steel makes for quick and easy cleanup. Unlike plastic sets, you can run them in the dishwasher as often as you'd like.
  • Accuracy verified by pros. You can bake with confidence, knowing your measuring set is giving you perfect measurements in every scoop of ingredients.
  • You're backed by the reputable Chopnotch brand. Unlike foreign sellers, we are a U.S. company located in Connecticut that will take great care of you.

Note: The two small ring clips are not dishwasher safe and may cause rust if not removed before dishwasher use.

Measuring Cup Features

We've combined all the features that make measuring cups great to create a product that you'll love.

  • Ingredients won't stick to the machine-brushed finish inside of each measuring cup.
  • Dual spouts on both sides. This is hard to find. You'll love the ability to pour from the right or left.
  • Single mold handles are stronger than other two-piece cups. You won't snap these handles!
  • Imperial and metric units are both stamped into the cups so you never need to convert.
  • Easy-to-grip handles are comfortable and just the right length to give you maximum versatility.
  • Sub-measurements in each cup. Single cups can be used for two or more measurements.

Including the sub-measurements, you get a total of 9 sizes including ⅙ cup and 1/16 cup. You won't find this much value in measuring cups elsewhere.

Measuring Spoon Features

Our premium measuring spoons are both elegant and highly functional. A must-have for any baker.

  • Narrow, rectangular shape fits where round spoons can't so you can reach in more places.
  • Flat bottoms that will sit level on the countertop without tipping over like round spoons.
  • Liquid and dry ingredients can both be used with these spoons. Accurate measurements every time!
  • Longer handles than most other sets will help you reach down deeper into jars with ease.
  • Imperial and metric units are both stamped into the spoons so you never need to convert.
  • Extra heavy-duty handles are the thickest on the market and stand up to the toughest ingredients.

The long and straight handles make perfect levelers. Hold the spoon backward at its head, and then use its handle to level off your ingredients!

Buy with Confidence

Your measuring set is backed by a lifetime warranty. Founded in 2018, Chopnotch is a family-owned brand located in Connecticut that started from our love for baking and passion for helping others succeed in the kitchen.

We are one of the few brands that back our products with a lifetime warranty. If the product ever fails due to defective material or workmanship, we will replace it for free.

2 reviews for Stainless Steel Measuring Cups and Spoons Set of 13

  1. 5 out of 5


    Perfect for baking. I much prefer these over the plastic set I used before since metal is so much more durable. They're also dishwasher-safe.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Michele Luna

    Love that you get so many sizes. I love the shape. I love that they fit together nicely. The stainless steel is so so easy to read and a lifetime warranty. Highly recommend!!!

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