Caramel Apple Slices

By Chopnotch

Caramel apple slices are ideal if you want a quick and easy autumn dessert. All you need for this delicious recipe is apples, caramel, chocolate chips, and a little oil.

Caramel Apple Slices

Prep Time

20 min


30 slices

Cook Time




An easy five step recipe!

These ingredients combine beautifully to make a tasty fall treat reminiscent of caramel apples.


Make sure the sliced apples are dry before adding the caramel, or else it won’t stick!

Chopnotch Tips

1. Slice the apples. Melt the caramel. Lay sliced apples onto baking sheet and spoon melted caramel onto them.


2. While the caramel sets, add chocolate and oil to a bowl and melt. Drizzle over caramel apple slices.

3. Let set, remove from baking sheet and serve!

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