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Who is Chopnotch?
Curious about who Chopnotch is? Learn more about who we are and what we do.

Chopnotch is a brand who is insanely passionate about food and baking.

We have a blog packed full of helpful articles, advice and recipes.

We also manufacture high quality kitchenware products.

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You can leverage our knowledge and learn how to become an expert baker in no time!

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Why does my cake sink?
Cakes sink in the middle for many reasons. Here is where we recommend you start.

First of all, don’t worry… it happens to the best of us! There can be many reasons for a cake to sink in the middle. Some common causes include incorrect oven temperature, inaccurately measuring ingredients, underbaking, and incorrect pan size.

Your best bet is to take a step back and revisit your recipe. Ensure you are following it precisely, right down to the order in which you mix the ingredients.

Use accurate measuring tools and be sure your oven is properly heated at the correct temperature.

A simple reset should get you back on the right path!

Can brown sugar substitute white?
Brown and white sugar each have their purpose, but can be substituted when needed.

Yes. You can substitute brown sugar for white sugar and vice versa, but avoid doing so when possible.

Brown sugar is brown due to its molasses content. Compared to white sugar, the molasses found in brown sugar adds a hint of caramel flavor and increases the moisture.

So it’s not the end of the world if you need to swap one for the other, but there are very specific reasons why recipes call for white vs. brown sugar. You should do your best to stick to the recipe without substituting when it comes to sugar.

Do I really need unsalted butter?
You should know about this important difference between salted and unsalted butter.

So you have a recipe that calls for unsalted butter, but then tells you to add salt in the very next step! What gives?!

The main reason for this is control. When you use unsalted butter, and then add your own measurement of salt separately, you have complete control over the amount of salt in your recipe.

Conversely, you have much less control when using salted butter, since unfortunately different brands of butter contain different amounts of salt.

Unsalted butter will also stay fresher longer, and we all know how important it is in baking to always use the freshest butter!

Do I really need buttermilk?
Here’s what buttermilk is and why it’s such a popular ingredient in so many recipies.

What is buttermilk and can’t I use regular milk instead?

First, buttermilk was the bitter low fat liquid that was leftover after churning butter. Nowadays, buttermilk is processed in dairy plants using low fat milk and lactic acid bacteria. No worries, this is safe bacteria!

The reason buttermilk is so popular in baking is because it’s incredibly low in fat compared to regular milk or cream. It also helps tenderize gluten, therefore creating a light and tender finish without all the extra fat.

If you’re serious about baking, learn to love buttermilk!

I'm new to this. Where do I start?
Baking is extremely rewarding, but it can be hard to get started without the right guidance.

We want you to be successful and we offer many resources that will help you get off to a great start with baking!

First, be sure to check out the baking guides section of our blog where you can find lots of valuable information on the basics.

Next, take a look at the baking tools and products every successful baker should have in their kitchen. Working with the best tools can make a word of difference!

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Where can I learn more?
We have lots of resources and ways to get in touch with us for additional support!

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